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Shock ... or not?

Shock or Not
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As seen when browsing the Internet in a state of delerium

How it works:
1. Decide if the image below is a SHOCK or NOT
2. In the comments, give it a rating out of ten. (0 = not, 10 = shock)
3. Read other people's comments to see what they thought. Repeat, or join the community and post your own


Nothing illegal.
Nothing copyrighted. (When considering whether something's legal or not, consider the trademark notice.)
Avoid pictures already posted, or famous shock porn such as Goatse, Tubgirl and Lemonparty.
Do not use ljcuts.

Trademark notice:

All art displayed here is done so for critique. Unless you specifically state that your artwork is not freeware, or that to be able to view the art one must pay a fee, we are within our legal rights to post it under the Fair Use Clause of America. Elsewise, immediately contact an admin, and the image will be removed.